GTS provides technical assistance in order to control an optimize system and machineries functionality. We execute maintenance and technical repairs.


A) Technical Assistance and Functional control of Systems and Machineries
Survey of systems and specific areas in order to guarantee an optimal operating degree level and the entire reliability in compliance with a planned schedule.
B) Air conditioning
Check the efficiency of the HVAC System: AC Stations, Fire Dampers, Inlet-Outlet trunk, Fans and motors alignment & balancing, Automation, Water flow (CW & HW), Temperature in Cabins - Public areas – technical areas, check machinery vibration.
C) Automation
Diagnostic of automated system such as: HVAC System, Dampers, GSP-RPU-PLC and CW.
D) Electrical Installation
HVAC System..
E) Chilled and Hot Water for Air Conditioning System
Installation of 3 way Valves. Chilled and Hot Water balancing control to check the flow, Filter conditions. 3 way valves operation.
F) Dampers & ESD
Check-up of Control Dampers. Fire Dampers functioning. Check the correct signal with the Fire System ESD.
G) Sprinklers & Hi Fog
Repair and add pipes with qualified personnel,  giving a warranty certifies.


H) New industrial projects in Peru
GTS and European companies have been studied for installation in Peru: Systems for drinking water, sewage water treatment, solar for electrical energy production, etc.





About Us

Since 1999 GTS USA Inc. has built an unmatched reputation providing top-quality in the air conditioning services, to cruise ship companies.

During this years our company has grown rapidly in the US; we have presence in the Bahamas since 2005, giving technical support during the refitting of cruise vessels. In 2009, GTS USA Inc. has brought together a team of specialized contractors in order to offer a complete "turn-key" solution for different areas (hotel and catering). GTS USA Incemployes highly skilled technicians so that they could give quality installations and services always on-time..

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